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Week 18 Challenge

Oops, totally forgot to post the new challenge yesterday. xD Hope none of you were planning on submitting last night. :) Sorry if the lateness interfered with your schedule or anything. And week 17 results will be posted in a sec.

Theme 1: Famous Quote

"All of our dreams can come true." - Walt Disney

Besides breaking free from expectations, I think one of the themes of HSM was believing that dreams can come true. So, using the quote above, make an icon inspired by it. It doesn't have to have any words of the quote in it. If you think your icon needs an explanation, feel free to give one. :)

Theme 2: Rain

Totally self-explanatory. Just make an icon that has something to do with rain. It can have the word in it, or it can have a saying that refers to rain (ex: 'rain, rain, go away'), you can use rain textures, etc. This is another theme that depends on your imagination.


*Icons due to this screened post by Friday, August 25 @ midnight PST (if you don't see voting posted up by this time but have an icon, feel free to submit it anyways, as long as the voting isn't posted).
*Maximum of three icons altogether (you may choose to only do icons for one theme, or do icons for both themes).
*You may choose to combine the two themes.
*Remember LJ standards (100x100 and 40KB or smaller) and no animation.
*See userinfo for icon submission template (icon, icon URL, theme you chose).
*Questions, comments, concerns, and affiliate requests can be made in this post.
*Have fun! :)
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