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Week 19 Results

Here are the results for week 19. Congratulations to the winners! Um, don't ask about banners right now (try going to one of those banner-making communities if you really want one). Week 20 challenge will be posted after this.

First Place: by squishysquidgy

Second Place: by whatever_freak

Third Place: by fashionfanatic9

Best Color: by fashionfanatic9

Mod's Choice: by blackdaggers

Again, congrats to all the winners! Make sure to get in some icons for week 20, which will be posted right after this.
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Thanks! :]
and if you need any help making banners ill help out (cant really say the'll be that good tho)
Really? That'd be awesome if you could help. I'm sure my banners are way worse then anything you make. If you're really willing to do it, just say the word and I'll give you posting rights. :D
Sure! Ill love to do it!!
Ive made them :)
Shall I just post them here?
Just gave you posting rights, so you can post through a journal entry. Thanks again for doing them! :)
just stopping by
ive never seen high school musical. do they still play it on the disney channel?
also what's the deal with ashley tisdale/zac efron? are they dating, or did they break up? i've heard about htis love triangle...just curious!
They do occasionally play it on the Disney Channel; I'd check the TV Guide for local listings. It's a great movie, you should try to catch it on TV or rent it. :) A sequel is also in the works.

About the dating thing, I don't really keep track of Disney Channel stars dating, so if you want more information on that, try an Ashley or Zac-related LJ comm (there are plenty out there) or a fansite.